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Historical Background Machakos girls' high school was started as a Primary School for boys under the name Government African School in 1915. In 1946, the Primary School became a mixed school for boys and girls. In 1950, the school was split and all the boys were moved to the now Machakos School. The school name changed to “Government African Girls Intermediate School.”

In 1959 the first Form 1 class of 12 girls was started and by the year 1960 the school had form 1 and 2 and standard 6,7and8. It's also the same year that the school changed its name to Machakos Girls High school.

In 1965 a double stream was introduced in form 1 class and in 1968 the whole school became a triple streamed school from form 1-4.

In 1972 a form 5 arts class was started and later in 1978 a second stream was granted but was changed to a science stream in 1984. In 2007 a fourth stream was introduced in form 1. Currently the school is an extra county six streamed boarding girls' school with an enrolment of 1000 students. The school has kept improving in academic and non-academic performance over the years. In 2016 K.C.S.E. results the school registered a mean of 7.98. Girls have maintained high discipline ever since

Mrs. Lucy Mugendi-Principal

Machakos girls is a result-oriented institution with a focus on educational excellence for girls in Kenya and a big number from the lower Eastern region. The school offers a wide range of subjects recommended by the Ministry of Education. As an academic Institution, we are focused on producing an al ...   
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Mrs. Josephine Kerubo Nthiwa

The role of the deputy Principal is to assist the Principal in the management of the school which includes the discharge of the specific administrative and management duties that ensure the school routine is adhered to. The office also ensures that it plays a motivated role in the direction of th ...   
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Mr. David Masika - B.O.M CHAIRMAN

Machakos Girls' high has made tremendous progress in academics and co curriculum activities since its inception in 1959 despite a myriad of encounters it faces. This development could not have been possible without the collaborative efforts of various individuals and institutions whose input has b ...   
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Robert Karioki PA Chairman-PA Chairperson

Although new in my role as PA chairman I have seen a very dedicated crop of parents that I am sure will stop at nothing to give their girls the best .As parents our role doesn’t end at home it extends to school in more ways than I can say on this forum. Like a three-legged stool where one ...   
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